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Save a Life

Where is The Tire Mom?

Check out where The Tire Mom has been, and more importantly... where she's going to be. You'll love hearing her speak about the grand adventures she has encountered and the incredible people she's met along her journey to share tire safety with America!

What Drives Me

My Mission

I desire to teach people how to read the manufacture date (the age of their tires – the Tire Halo) on their tires and prevent the loss of life in America.


Knowledge is Key

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Get the LET MAP – Tire Mom’s 6-step guide to understanding tire safety for FREE. This is a downloadable PDF that you’ll want to print out and share with your loved ones.

Puchase Tire Mom’s Book

One of the easiest ways to support the cause of Tire Mom is to pick up a copy (or 10) of Diana’s book, “The Tire Mom – My Highway to Healing”. You’ll love her story, as well as her mission!