Important Information

Tire Pressure

Regular checks of your tire pressure can extend the life of your tires and offer you maximum fuel economy.  This is the 6th (of 6) article in the LETMAP series. Here we will explore how to find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle, and how to properly...

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Know Your Tire’s Age

Know Your Tire’s Age This is the 5th article in the LETMAP series. It is very important that you know your tire’s age for each of your vehicles. Driving on old, outdated tires is very dangerous, and can lead to accidents causing injury or even death. - Quick...

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Tire Mileage Life – What You Need to Know

This article on tire mileage is the 4th (of 6) in the LETMAP series. When considering which tires to buy, most people think about price and tread wear. Knowing this, tire dealers promote their brands by placing a high emphasis on both criteria. But you might be...

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Tread Depth and Maintenance

This article on Tread is the third in the LETMAP series of articles. The tread on your vehicle’s tires helps grip the road, and affects the handling, acceleration, braking, cornering, stopping and even your fuel economy. Knowing the condition of your tire’s tread...

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Examine Your Tires

How to examine your tires and what to look for. This article is the second in the LETMAP series. It is critical to examine your tires on a regular basis. Even if you adhere to other areas of tire maintenance, it is possible to overlook irregularities, deformations and...

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Retorquing Lug Nuts for Safety

Lug Nuts - Part 1 of the LET MAP Series Are you retorquing lug nuts after 25-100 miles of driving post-tire change? When was the last time you gave your wheel’s lug nuts a second glance?  If you are like most people, the answers to those questions are “no”, and...

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