On The Road With The Tire Mom

Experiences with Tire Mileage

After my husband’s death, I became the one that had to help my daughters with their decisions on their cars.  So, I had a steep learning curve.  One of my daughters needed a car to go to college, so we set out and did a lot of test driving. After she decided on a car,...

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Coin Your Tires

Will you coin your tires this month?  You have heard the question: “Who coined the phrase…?” And you get to fill in the blank. Well, I am coming up with the question: Will you coin your tires this month? In my article on tire tread, I talk about the importance of why...

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Examine Tires Monthly

Why Everyone Should Examine Tires Monthly In all 50 States, the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) driver trainer books recommend that we examine our tires monthly. I have a graph that shows each state that mentions what to do, or some states actually cover how to...

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Lug Nuts Matter

When I started my 2018 fifty-state tour, I did not understand much about tires and tire safety, much less lug nuts. After all, I was a mother of 5 children and was busy with their many activities. While I drove around the lower 48 and talked with expert tire...

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Happiness in challenging times

Happiness in challenging times? We all need each other, and all of us are looking for happiness during this challenging time.  Especially now, during this time of quarantine. I have been taking a break from writing posts on social media. But I've come to realize...

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